Yamadori in Oregon

It is the responsibility of the bonsai enthusiast to make every attempt to collect specimens responsibly.

Some thoughts on the topic of yamadori (collecting from the wild). “An essential requirement for this activity, in addition to a permit, is having extensive knowledge and experience, at least in gardening. Anyone who does not know the tree and its needs is better off abstaining. Although the technical term may be ‘material for bonsai’, the bonsai enthusiast should never forget that a tree is a living thing that must be treated properly.” The best rule is: in case of doubt, leave the tree where it is.

Always get a permit for harvesting plants in the wild. 


Interactive Maps of Oregon Native Plants Distribution Areas

NOTE: The list below includes all species found in Oregon, not just those suitable for bonsai. Keeping the entire list seemed more fun as you can see how the species co-mingle.

Abies grandis – grand fir Map
Acer circinatum – vine maple Map
Acer glabrum – Rocky Mountain maple Map
Acer macrophyllum – bigleaf maple Map
Alnus rhombifolia – white alder Map
Alnus rubra – red alder Map
Alnus sinuata – Sitka alder Map
Amelanchier alnifolia – western serviceberry Map
Arbutus menziesii – Pacific madrone Map
Castanopsis chrysophylla – golden chinkapin Map
Ceanothus thyrsiflorus – blueblossom Map
Cercocarpus betuloides – birchleaf cercocarpus Map
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana – Port Orford cedar Map
Cornus nuttallii – Pacific dogwood Map
Cornus occidentalis – western dogwood Map
Cornus stolonifera – red osier dogwood Map
Corylus cornuta – beaked hazel Map
Crataegus douglasii – black hawthorn Map
Euonymus occidentalis – western wahoo Map
Fraxinus latifolia – Oregon ash Map
Garrya elliptica – wavyleaf silktassel Map
Lithocarpus densiflorus – tanoak Map
Malus diversifolia – Oregon crab apple Map
Myrica californica – Pacific bayberry Map
Picea sitchensis – Sitka spruce Map
Pinus attenuata – knobcone pine Map
Pinus contorta – lodgepole pine Map
Pinus jeffreyi – Jeffrey pine Map
Pinus lambertiana – sugar pine Map
Pinus monticola – western white pine Map
Pinus ponderosa – ponderosa pine Map
Populus tremuloides – quaking aspen Map
Populus trichocarpa – black cottonwood Map
Prunus emarginata – bitter cherry Map
Pseudotsuga menziesii – Douglas fir Map
Quercus garryana – Oregon white oak Map
Rhamnus californica – California buckthorn Map
Rhamnus purshiana – cascara buckthorn Map
Rhododendron macrophyllum – Pacific rhododendron Map
Salix hookeriana – Hooker willow Map
Salix lasiandra – Pacific willow Map
Salix lasiolepis – arroyo willow Map
Salix scouleriana – Scouler willow Map
Salix sitchensis – Sitka willow Map
Sambucus callicarpa – Pacific red elder Map
Sambucus glauca – blueberry elder Map
Sequoia sempervirens – redwood Map
Taxus brevifolia – Pacific yew Map
Thuja plicata – western redcedar Map
Tsuga heterophylla – western hemlock Map
Umbellularia californica – California laurel Map

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