Oct. 14 and 15 | Lee Cheatle Workshop

Lee Cheatle Workshop |Schedule


Lee Cheatle Demonstration at the Portland Japanese Garden

About our instructor

Lee Cheatle is the President of the Bonsai Society of Portland and a key instructor in the Portland club’s very successful mentorship program. Lee has completed a number of Ryan Neil’s multi-week training programs, most recently one focusing on elongating species (spruce, hemlock, yew), which is perfect timing for this workshop!

Saturday, Oct. 14 | Workshop


Baptist Church

675 N. Keen Way

Medford, OR 97504

Google map: https://goo.gl/maps/zErGAadXytM2


Morning session| 9 – 12 p.m.

Lunch break

Afternoon session |1:30 – 4:30 p.m.

Sunday, Oct. 15 | Workshop


Ashland Art Center (Main classroom – street level)

357 E. Main St.

Ashland, OR 97520

Google map: https://goo.gl/maps/FxZXTRdQbnx


Morning session| 9 – 12 p.m.

Lunch break

Afternoon session |1:30 – 4:30 p.m.

  • Parking is on Main Street and in the back of the Art Center in the bank parking lot (bank is closed on Sunday).


General notes for BOTH workshops:

  • Members are responsible for your own tools and supplies.
  • Seasoned members are encouraged to bring extra tools you may have for some of our newer members to borrow.
  • Members should bring wire. Some wire will be available for purchase.
  • Homemade coffee cake or scones will be supplied in the morning.
  • Bring your lunch, coffee, refreshments for the day. There are some restaurants nearby if you want to take a break at lunch.

Suggested prep:

Participants are encouraged to review the following Bonsai Mirai streams if you have an account.


  • $33 for workshop
  • Plant stock varies from $25 – $60 depending on species and size
    • See stock photos below for a preview
    • Participants are asked to email your top 3 choices to vchamberlain “at” mind “dot” net
    • On the morning of the workshops, we will hold a drawing for the ones that have multiple plants of the same species/size.
    • Payment for your stock will be paid on your workshop day.
  • Stock includes:
  • 1 hinoki cypress med/large, $50.00
  • 5 hinoki med size, $45.00
  • 1 Japanese Hemlock, medium size, $36.00
  • 1 Atlas Cedar, blue, med size(could be informal upright or semi-cascade), $60.00
  • 1 yew med size, $25.00
  • 4 little gem spruce, $25.00

See stock photos below for a preview


Saturday  Sunday
1.      Mark   X
2.      Maddy   X
3.      Vicki   X
4.      Susan  X
5.      Carl  X
6.      Christine  X
7.      Leigh  X
8.      Dennis   X
9.      Jan   X
10.    Phillip  X
11.    Dirk   X
12.   Eli  X

Please note: presently we have 7 participants for the Saturday workshop and 5 for the Sunday event.

Workshop stock preview


#1 Lrg Dwrf Hinoki 50.00


#2 med size yew 25.00


#3 lrg hinoki 50.00


#4 med hinoki 45.00


#5 med hinoki 45.00


#6 med hinoki 45.00


#7 med hinoki 45.00


#8 Japanese hemlock 36.00


#9 little gem spruce 25.00


#10 little gem spruce twin trunk 25.00


#11 little gem spruce twin trunk


#12 little gem spruce 25.00#13 blue atlas cedar 60.00


#13 blue atlas cedar 60.00


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