101 Class Schedule

Introducing the new
Bonsai 101 Series

The Cascade Bonsai Society 101 Mentorship Committee has been busy organizing a series of workshops targeted to help those interested in learning bonsai. The goal of the workshops is to help take some of the mystery out of the initial bonsai learning curve, and to provide monthly opportunities for hands-on experience with a variety of tree species.

Each participant will leave with a tree after each class!


Date: Saturday, January 25
Time: 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Place:  Ashland Art Center Classroom, 357 E Main St, Ashland
Species: Juniper – a perfect starter species to learn the basics on.

Registration for the first workshop is NOW OPEN using our secure encrypted online registration portal! Click here.


For those who would prefer to pay by cashiers check or cash please download our paper registration form. Directions and address where to send the funds are included on the downloadable registration form.

Since the club needs to purchase the class trees we need to have a headcount by Dec. 15, 2019. So if you are interested, please register as soon as possible.

Class limit: 20 students

Through demonstrations and hands-on practice during the 6 classes, you will learn:

  • Basic bonsai styling principles
  • How to:
    • Clean and style a tree
    • Apply wire
    • Prepare soil
    • Re-pot
    • Fertilize per species
    • Select the best pre-bonsai stock at your local nursery

Each month we will build on the skills from the previous class. A reference syllabus will be provided to every student, with a new species introduced each month. The classes can also be taken a-la-carte, so please don’t feel you have to commit to the whole 6-month series.

Registration for the first workshop is NOW OPEN!  Click here.

Class limit: 20 students


Why are we waiting till January to start the classes? 

Bonsai are just like their larger cousins and need to go through winter dormancy.  We are using best practices and will begin the classes when the trees are ready to work on them.

Do I need to bring tools to the classes?
No, our club will provide all the tools and supplies (plus the trees of course!) for you. Once you get started you will most likely want to purchase your own set of tools but no worries, we have everything you need to start.

Do I need to sign up for all of the classes?
While we encourage you to take the 6 classes, there is no requirement to do so.  The classes can be taken a-la-carte if that works better with your schedule. Each class will focus on a different species so you’ll be learning new things each class.

What are the dates?

The 6-month bonsai 101 series dates are:

  • January 25
  • Feb 22
  • March 28
  • April 25
  • May 30
  • June 27

How much will each class cost?
The cost of each class will be determined after we confirm your tree costs.  Our goal is to keep each class under $35 so it’s affordable for all. The first class is $30.