101 Class Schedule

Bonsai 101 Series: Remaining Bonsai 101 Classes Canceled

Due to the COVID-19 virus situation and healthcare system projections that self-isolation may last months, we have determined that canceling the 101 workshop series for the remainder of 2020 is the best option at this time.For those participants who registered and paid for the postponed March 2020 class, we will be returning your registration fee in the amount of $45. You should be receiving a refund in the mail within the next week.
The Mentorship 101 committee is planning another 101 series next spring with repotting your two initial trees as our first project.
Other ideas we have been discussing for next year include:

    1. Spring sale where you’ll be able to pick up some real gems from other bonsai enthusiasts
    2. Student field trip to the nursery to select your own stock
    3. First Friday Student Bonsai Show to celebrate your work

Have an idea for next spring?  Email us with a suggestion.

A few care tips for the rest of this year:

    • Keep your trees moist (but not waterlogged)
    • Both species love fish emulsion if you have some in your garden shed
    • Both of these species like the sun but not the 106 degrees all day in the heat type of sun. So when the summer starts getting seriously hot, give these little guys a break out of the all-day intense sun.
    • Let your trees grow lush and strong and we’ll see you in the spring for a second styling and transplant them into bonsai pots!

There are still learning opportunities: For those of you who would like to continue on your own bonsai learning path please use the link below to the Mirai Live Beginner Series. There is a good video on how to select stock from your local nursery.  If you venture out to purchase a tree to work on, this video (along with the rest of the series), will provide guidance.

We encourage you to send us photos of your projects.  We would love to see what you have been creating!  Check our Facebook page for photos…check them out.

On a closing note, we so enjoyed spending our Saturdays with you and hope to see next year!  If you have any questions regarding your trees, please don’t hesitate to connect with us.

For those of you who want to continue on your bonsai learning path check out these helpful online learning opportunities from Mirai Live: